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Premium Lifestyle & Business Management Staffing Services for the Discerning CEO
You're a CEO who always has a million things on your plate.
Let us be your partner in balancing your busy life and business.
Picture this: You live a life where you no longer have to worry about rushing to pick up the kids, finding time for a healthy meal, getting to and from important meetings, managing the house, or managing your overflowing schedule. With our dedicated professionals, you can focus on getting down to business while we handle the rest.

Our Services Just Make Your Life Easier

– Nannies: Trustworthy caregivers who treat your little ones like family.
– Drivers: Reliable chauffeurs to get you and your family where you need to go in style.
– Personal Security: Your safety is our priority, always.
– Housekeepers: You never have to step foot into a disheveled house ever again.
– House Managers: Organized household helpers who keep everything running smoothly & oversee your staff.
– Chefs: Culinary artists who whip up delicious meals just the way you like.
– Chief of Staff: Basically, your right hand person to keep you together.
– Personal Assistants: To handle your every day errands and tasks.
– Executive C Suite: COO, CFO, CTO, CMO, CLO, and all the high level executives that serve as your brain trust, and bring your company vision to fruition.

All to fit your unique lifestyle and business needs.

We have the support system you’ve been searching for. Say goodbye to overwhelm and hello to more freedom to enjoy the moments that matter most to you – both personally and professionally.

Ready to reclaim your time and reignite your passion for life and work? Connect with us today and discover how we can revolutionize the way you navigate your busy world.

Are You Ready to Hire?
Get the guidance, tools, resources & education to help you grow & scale your company.

You’re a CEO who always has a million things on your plate. Let us be your partner in balancing your busy life and business.

We offer a range of HR and staffing solutions. Some services include:

  • Staffing Plans

  • Background Checks

  • Candidate Sourcing

  • Job Board Postings

  • Job Descriptions & Ads

  • ATS Automation

  • Candidate Prescreening

  • Full Recruitment

  • Lifestyle/Household Staffing

  • Executive Staffing

We also provide Human Resources Management services to get you up and running and keep you COMPLIANT. Learn more, or schedule a Discovery Call to determine your needs. 

Post With a Manageable Budget

Trying to hire talent on a budget is hard. Finding the right talent is even harder. Invest in a job posting service that will give your jobs visibility on major job boards without breaking your budget. Benefit from our job board relationships and our own career page to get the word out about your jobs. Post in the most viewed job boards at a fraction of the cost.

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Staffing Plans
They're Just As Critical As A Business Plan

In this three-day strategy session, we work with you and your team (if applicable) to design your staffing plan. We focus on productivity, higher employee satisfaction, better bottom-line results and quality of & retention of hires.

In Strategy Days you review processes, diagnose gaps & roadblocks, set strategic priorities & goals, confirm KPIs, create and document strategies, team mapping session, action plans with timelines. Job summaries, descriptions & ads. ATS review & demos. Salary reviews. Job pathing. Org charting. Performance review system. Employment brand. Retention strategies. Budgeting for staffing.

Here's What We Offer
There is no "one size fits all" approach. We meet you where you are on your journey.

Household & Executive Staffing

Hire the team that can take your company further and free your time.

Staffing Plans

Create the blueprint that allows you to hire right and plan your team.

Job Board Postings

Expand your reach to find the best talent that you can get in front of on a budget.

Background Checks

Protect your company by properly screening people before you hire them.

Candidate Sourcing

Find & pipeline talent for current and future needs.

ATS Automation

Create your database and automate your talent acquisition & management process.

Human Resources Management

Take your company to the next level by keeping everyone compliant.

Job Descriptions

Know who you’re hiring by creating appropriate job descriptions.

Job Ads

Create job ads that attract attention from the right candidates in the right spaces.

Ready to Hire?

Let's schedule a Discovery Call to see what best suits your needs.